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Irish Prison Service.

Project Duration
Project Description

Term Maintenance & Refurbishment Works Framework.

Year 2021

  • Provision of building maintenance services to the Irish Prison Service (IPS) Located in Cork & Limerick prisons.

Work Included
  • Carrying out a wide range of service in general building maintenance, office refurbishment, toilet & cell refurbishments, installation of external glazing, tiling, partitions, ceilings, joinery & carpentry services, painting, car park works, line marking, paths & paving, civil works, drainage, plaster repairs, roof maintenance, carpeting, minor building works.

  • Working within the Irish prison service is a tolerant environment to abide by their strict security requirements and restricted time frames to carry out all works. PBC Staff have been cleared to work in Irish prison locations throughout the country and abide by strict procedures in place. Work must be planned in most cases, with restricted access to many areas, advance preparation is key to a successful project outcome and a good relationship with the IPS. Emergency service is still maintained for urgent callouts or issues that may arise and this dealt with as normal procedure.

  • Works are completed out of hours to suit the environment of the prison & are often executed as fast track within short time frame at weekends etc.

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