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Restoration Services

We have extensive expertise in building restoration and this has allowed us to undertake substantial refurbishment and construction projects within the heritage sector.

This experience ranges from small scale repairs and refurbishment to the complete rebuilding of dilapidated properties, within tight inner city terraces and large country estates.

Our skilled conservation team have vast experience of working on many of our local prestigious buildings, including St John's Cathedral, The Old Good Shepard Convent (now limerick school of art and design) and many others.

We combine traditional building techniques and modern innovation in order to restore the structural integrity and original aesthetic finish of the building.

Sensitivity is paramount in any work, no matter the size or scale, but particularly with Listed work.
Close management and careful selection of all specialist subcontractors is vital in making the project a seamless process from start to finish whilst achieving the highest level of quality required.

Toll House and Thomond Bridge, Patrick Comerford, 2017.JPG
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