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PBC Skills 

PBC have developed a customized Skills Programme for the development of New Talented individuals with an interest in Construction which can lead offering apprenticeships in collaboration with Generation Apprenticeship. 


PBC Skills Programme

The PBC Skills programme begins with an introduction to Construction, this is essentially a 24-week induction that allows the candidate to learn what construction sites are about.


After this time, if suitable the candidate is invited to enrol in a selected apprenticeship or training programme. These vary in time, as they follow through different phases spent between Site and Training centres over the Programme. As a part of the PBC Skills Programme each candidate is assigned mentor to help them develop within the programme and give guidance when needed on the everyday of Construction.


Various courses and training are included whilst working with in the programme.   The rates of pay are in line with apprenticeship or training programmes being undertaken by the individual. In many cases it is expected that the candidates will remain in employment with PBC for many years to come as many others have already done.


The aim of the Programme is to continue with building and leading the Built Environment development of Skills by training Candidates at grass root level to become masters of the progress of the future. 

Click the download button to view our PBC Skill information brochure. 

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