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Project Description

Mr. Binman

Project Duration

Maintenance and Rapid Response Service.

Year 2021

Project Duration

Mr Binman ,Dock Rd , Limerick.

Mr Binman, Ashbourne Business Park , Dock Rd, Limerick.

Mr Binman ,1 Broad Street, Limerick.

MR. Binman, Luddenmore, Grange, Kilmallock, Co.Limerick.

Work Included
  • PBC Builders have successfully carried out the general building maintenance and reactive maintenance service to various Mr Binman locations in Limerick for the past 7 years.

  • We have and are currently helping Mr Binman to maintain the ever expanding portfolio of locations by offering a wide range of service in a wide ranging list of buildings and areas from the up keeping of various warehouse locations, office environments, to up keeping of oil interceptors and industrial foul water drainage solutions.

  • PBC have worked with Mr. Binman in many various projects and in many various strict timeframes to successfully complete many projects and with little or no disruption to day to day works.

  • We have worked with Mr Binman to supply them with a PBC Maintenance team that satisfies all their requirements and have provided them with an experienced and professional Contract Manger that has worked with the client from day one and understands the client’s requirements and is responsible of maintaining the high standard that is expected from all our team.

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