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Private Client

Project Duration

12 Months

Project Description

The existing Georgian building which is located in the heart of the city centre in Limerick, 114 O Connell St. was fully stripped out including the removal of all existing floors walls and roof to building as it all were beyond repair.

Work Included
  • The building itself was then structurally reinforced and was also supported throughout the works.

  • New precast floors and stairs were installed to the building and including a formation of a new rear external wall to building.

  • A Truss roof was then installed and finished to blend in with the surrounding architecture.

  • There was total M&E upgrade throughout the building and works also included to installation of all new internal walls and ceiling and associated finishes to both. This project was located in the heart of Limerick city centre on one of the busiest streets in the city. This resulted in the health and safety of members of the public being of high priority on this project.

  • We are glad to report no such issues arose throughout the project thanks to careful planning and strict supervision on all matters Due to limited access in the project careful consideration had to be planned on the delivery of materials to site.

  • PBC worked closely with Limerick Council and an Garda Siochana on numerous occasions throughout this project as we closed sections of the main street to allow delivery of precast floors, roof trusses etc. which were then lowered through the roof via a crane which was positioned on the street.

  • All of these works were carried out in the between 2am to 6am.

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